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Testing on signet

Documentation of testing options with the wider network since the dev setup makes is possible to start a signet instance.

General notes about signet


  • it is a network where intreaction is possible with other instances and projects
  • funds are worthless just like on testnet
  • the derivation paths are same as on testnet
  • reliable blocktimes
  • no block-storms
  • small blockchain (IBD ~ 10 mins on a laptop)
  • Faucets are available (see below)


Public Electrum servers


Block explorer


LN explorers

Test payment destinations

Other wallets with signet support


  • for Android only with LN support
  • To use a hosted channel scan the QRcode with OBW-signet (should also provide some local balance ):

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Sparrow Wallet

Supports onchain only, but works well with Taproot accounts. To use it with signet open: menu - Tools - Restart in Testnet and set a Private Electrum server serving signet like: port: 60602 with SSL.`

Electrum Wallet

  • Support onchain (no Taproot yet) and LN, but couldn't send or receive lightning payments on signet with electrum yet.
  • start with the signet flag eg:
    electrum-4.4.0-x86_64.AppImage --signet
  • menu - Wallet - Information and restart to activate lightning

Galoy staging node to open channels to

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