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Backend Servers

Run locally

Find how to run the backend servers locally in the project readme

How to expose the API including websocket subscriptions

  1. Run:
    buck2 run //dev:up
  2. Wait for api server to finish coming up, visible via the Tild dashboard at http://localhost:10350/
  3. Go to
  4. Input the following strings for Endpoint and Subscriptions
    • Endpoint: http://localhost:4455/graphql
    • Subscriptions: ws://localhost:44455/graphql Apollo Studio configuration

For a fork, you can still use that same apollo studio link and configure the regular graphql endpoint and subscriptions endpoint separately.

How to run integration tests with Galoy as a dependency

Take a look at the Quickstart if you want to take it for a spin.

Known issues

  • Test suite timeouts: increase jest timeout value. Example:

    # 120 seconds
    $ JEST_TIMEOUT=120000 yarn test:integration
  • Integration tests running slow: we use docker to run dependencies (redis, mongodb, bitcoind and 4 lnds) so the entire test suite is disk-intensive.

    • Please make sure that you are running docker containers in a solid state drive (SSD)

    • Reduce lnd log disk usage: change debuglevel to critical

      # ./dev/lnd/lnd.conf

Running checks

It's recommended that you use plugins in your editor to run ESLint checks and perform Prettier formatting on-save.

If you need to run Prettier through the command line, you can use:

$ yarn prettier -w .