GaloyMoney Dev Docs

GaloyMoney is an open source banking platform enabling any organization to launch a community bank on top of Bitcoin and Lightning.

Overview of GaloyMoney

The GaloyMoney core banking platform includes the parts necessary to launch a community bank on Bitcoin:


  • Backend API – interacts with the bitcoin and accounting layers to enable sending, receiving and holding balances
  • Dealer – service for implementing fiat hedging strategies via supported exchanges; enables the provision of synthetic USD to provide dollar-like stability without stablecoins

End-user and merchant experiences

  • Mobile wallet and web wallet – simple end user experience enables send/receive onchain and Lighting. Mobile wallet includes educational onboarding quiz & merchant map
  • Tipping pages – web application end users can share online or display in person to receive payments to their account

Administrator experiences

  • Dashboard – enables monitoring usage and performance of the instance
  • Admin panel – web application which lets a support team manage users and transactions on their galoy instance.

Getting Started

API Reference

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API: